Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Devin Mitchell to transfer. Good luck to him.

UPDATE- going to GA State

I know he didn't play well in the limited minutes he got, but I think he could've been a decent cog off the bench for CAJ. Good luck to him going forward.


CTider said...

Gotta think CAJ will pull some juco recruits or some transfers.

Msmilie said...

I really hate to see Devin leave, and it makes me question again why the poor kid wasn't redshirted this past season. The guy loses a year of eligibility, and I'm not sure he played 40 minutes total all season. The good news is I saw it mentioned on Twitter that Shannon Hale is not expected to transfer, which makes me hopeful Jimmie is also sticking around. Others that seem to be on board for next season are Retin, Justin and Riley. Hopefully Mike Kessens and Jeff Garrett stay as well.

The 2 guard spot is wide open. With the two transfers, the roster needs some serious attention for next season. Plenty of offers have been made to great players in the 2016 and 2017 classes (Avery is swinging for the fences, and is not being tentative about making offers. I don't think he's going to have trouble meeting the scholarship limit), but the current team needs shooters and some post depth.

Cecil Hurt has posted several tweets about Willy Kouassi possibly transferring to Alabama. Kouassi graduated from Central Park Christian, signed with Auburn, transferred to Kennesaw State, and has transferred from there with one year of eligibility remaining. He didn't put up staggering numbers at Kennesaw, but the team needs size and he's 6-10, 230.

As of right now, who is the go to guy for Bama next season? It will be very interesting to watch how the roster takes shape going into next season. Dazon Ingram is supposed to make his decision on Friday, and I'm still holding out hope that Bama is able to make a serious late push for Malik Newman due to the Mo Williams influence.

finebammer said...

if CAJ could get Newman in the boat and hire Lynch, we could say he got the program successfully jump-started. especially considering the late date he GOT started thanks to Battle's bumbling search.

Drifter said...

Several sources hinting Willy Kouassi will come on board

Drifter said...

04-14-15 Ferrall On The Bench - Avery Johnson Interview http://cbsloc.al/1CLEcYq

Drifter said...

"I set my goals pretty high, and I had some great coaches along the
way that taught me the fundamentals. I've always said, If you have
fundamentals, you can play with anybody. And it carried on into
Carolina. Coach Smith stressed fundamentals the most. When I watch
college games today, I'm not only looking at the guys scoring 20 and 15.
I'm looking to see if they box out every time, if they're helping their
teammates defensively. You'd be surprised how many programs that don't
teach that. And kids, you know, they're losing games and you're trying
to explain to them why, and it's the little things that make the good
teams great and the bad teams good. Once they learn the fundamentals, I
think kids can play with anybody because you can neutralize the athletic

- George Lynch

finebammer said...



level-headed kid explains a lot.

finebammer said...

i've always said that there's Michael Jordan athletic ability everywhere. the difference was what's between the ears.

Drifter said...

Reading the tea leaves, I believe Dazon will Roll with the Tide.

finebammer said...


excellent piece by Cecil. (as usual)

I now wish CAJ hadn't made the "fence around the state" remark.

now everyone's watching the decision of a 3 star recruit and tying The program's (CAJ's) immediate success to it.

finebammer said...

ok: http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2015/04/mr_basketball_dazon_ingram_wan.html#incart_river

as visuals go, Alabama is a winner again. since Coach Avery was hired, he's won the presser with raving reviews, he's brought home an early get signing Ingram and started building that "fence around the state" in recruiting.

the trade off?? we lost Tarrant and Mitchell to transfer.

in the past i've suspected Alabama's manipulated circumstances after transfers to alter perception and change the narrative. i find that near impossible to believe here and there's just no way to negatively spin a recruit with Alabama and Kentucky hats on the table putting on the Crimson Tide cap.

while Ingram is only a three star recruit, he is Alabama's Mr. Basketball. it's also a fact John Calipari apparently contacted Dazon and asked him to wait about signing. he did and chose Alabama anyway. had Calipari shown interest earlier in the process it probably would have bumped Ingram up to a four.

but let it sink in, guys. Avery Johnson just beat John Calipari out for a recruit. the ONLY way that could have been better is for Alabama to have signed Ingram AND hung on to Ricky Tarrant. Tarrant is an experienced player and will be missed this coming season.

but again, we just signed a recruit Kentucky and the great John Calipari wanted AND contacted. it's like they're now 38 and 2.

as our current Vice-President once accidentally said into a hot mic, "it's a big fucking deal". and it is, guys. it is.

and i'll tell you another one, too. signing day has passed and 5 star Malik Newman hasn't told us no. forget Bruce Pearl. fuck Auburn. UAB too. we're competing with Kansas and Kentucky for recruits.