Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Day After- tough loss to UCLA

What can I say... we played one of the best teams in the county tooth and nail for 40 minutes and was merely a foot away from advancing in front of a largely pro UCLA crowd. I'm proud of what the team accomplished this year. Mark Gottfried and staff remolded a floundering NIT bound squad into a tough out in the round of 32. I can't say enough about what was accomplished after Chuck Davis went down against Ole Miss to open the SEC schedule.

Quick recap on the season... we ended up 10-6 in conference good for 3rd best overall. We beat the Gators, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas, and won at Kentucky. The win at Kentucky IMO was the turning point of the season. After the opening home loss to Ole Miss we ran the table at home (7-0). There were some bad road losses, but winning any game on the road is tough in the SEC.

Hopefully Davidson comes back. If he does this squad could be a Final Four contender. A Final Four contender at a football school... now that would be something. If Davidson opts for the NBA I wish him luck. We'll be ok without him as the core of Steele, Hendrix, and Gee will keep us in the top echelon of the SEC.

I've ripped Brock and Felix at times, but I want to thank them for their effort during their careers at Alabama. We wouldn't have beaten Marquette in the 1st round without Felix. They were our 2 best defenders and that aspect will be hard to replace.

That's all I have... the loss hurts, but not too much as when I look back we overachieved this year. Let's hope this is a sign of better things to come.

Note- this is an idea that hopefully will blossom into something more and give Alabama basketball fans a place to get info on hoops.

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