Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Erwin Dudley Update

Erwin continues to gain respect as one of the better players in the Turkish D-1 league.

This is a post on the website of Interperformances, Erwin Dudley's agent/representative.

"Erwin Dudley - 27 Points and 12 Rebounds 6'9" center/forward Erwin Dudley scored 27 points and picked up 12 rebounds in the win of Turk Telekom over ITU 95-52 in the Turkish League. He is averaging 18.0ppg , 8.7 rpg and is second in the MVP Rating this season."

After spending one season rehabbing a knee, one in Israel, and now this season putting up excellent numbers in the Turkish D-1 league, he may be able to get his chance next season to make an NBA roster. He is sixth in scoring, fourth in rebounding, and is leading the league in FG%. Unfortunately he could not be #35 on his team over there, but instead #15....

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bobbyjack said...

Thanks for that update. Erwin was one of my favorites. He worked hard and quite honestly overachieved at Alabama. I wish continued success for Erwin.