Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mike Anderson to Mizzou... what it means to the SEC

As reported on many local and national sites, Mike Anderson is going to Missouri. I figure I'd give you the local story link.
Missouri gets their man

What does this mean? Well, for one... Arkansas fans are stuck with Heath at least another season and that's good news to us and the rest of the SEC. Heath at best is an average coach hyped up by his one year at Kent St and his years as an assistant to Tom Izzo. He's recruited height (look at Arkansas' roster) yet doesn't use it to their advantage in games. I know a few Arkansas fans that are regularly angry at Heath's approach (most notably sitting Hill down for long stretchs of a game).

Anderson could've been scary at Arkansas... his coaching style and top notch players... whew. Saying that, I kind of wished he'd end up in Arkansas. A strong Arkansas makes for a strong SEC. I know some are saying, "But that's competition to Alabama." My response... A strong Arkansas can make Alabama even stronger.

We'll have to wait a few more years for the Hogs to resurrect themselves. Heath finally got them to the tourney in his 4th year and they flamed out... bad. This was his best team and all they got was an 8 seed. Better them than us.


bamabasketball said...

Big 12 basketball improved this week with Bob Huggins at Kansas State and Mike Anderson at Missouri.

I'll be interested in seeing who UAB hires.

bobbyjack said...

I keep hear Mike Davis, but to tell you the truth I excect him to land at a better place. You don't go from IU to UAB in one year unless you stink it up and Davis didn't.

Maybe Barnes ends up there? I hope not as I'd like to see him come aboard our staff if there's an opening for a couple of years.

Vikram Vora said...

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