Friday, March 24, 2006

Quick thoughts on last night's games (3/23)

1) LSU beats up and beats down Duke. Coach K is heard indirectly whining about the officiating afterwards. I guess he missed out on the 13 fouls not called on Williams and the 3 or 4 elbow clearouts by Redick. I have to say Brady's Bunch showed me something.

2) Memphis dominates Bradley. No surprise there as Memphis has way too many horses. Congrats to Bradley for an amazing run. When's the last time we had 4 "mid-majors" in the Sweet 16 (Gonzaga, Wichita St, George Mason, Bradley)? I honestly don't know the answer.

3) Texas wins at the buzzer. Back and forth game... Texas looked like they're going to run away with it late in the 1st half, but the Mountaineers came back strong. WVU ties it with 5 seconds to go, Texas smartly doesn't call a TO and drains a 3 to end it. What a game... even though I was rooting for West Virginia. I'm amazed WVU was in the game being they were badly outrebounded and knocked around inside (43-15 rebound edge I think to UT).

4) How did the Zags lose last night? UCLA looked like garbage for about 30 minutes of the game. Great show of class by UCLA by going over to Morrison afterwards... say what you want about Morrison and his pornstache they guy comes out to play and leaves it on the court.

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bamabasketball said...

This is the most interesting NCAA Tournament that I've seen in many, many years.

I know it's many, many ifs, but if Glenn Miles and Albert Weber hadn't quit and if Chuck Davis hadn't got hurt ... well, you know.