Friday, March 31, 2006

Quick update and meaningless Final Four prediction

Joey Cameron to transfer from Auburn to Alabama.
From TI backboard via Recruiting Eagle
Not sure what to make of this... he's probably a guy that'll give us 5 minutes a game down the road. Maybe he'll surprise us. Who knows.

Final Four- I think we'll see the Gators and Bruins play for the title Monday. While I'm impressed LSU has made it this far and are probably the most talented team left, I see UCLA's D frustrating LSU with Farmar having a huge night. The Gators have breezed through the toutnament and I believe they'll beat George Mason by double digits. Credit GMU for getting this far, but IMO they've been the recipient of a good draw. Michigan State was struggling the end of the year, UNC is young, Wichita State wasn't that good, and UConn was begging to be picked off all tournament. I like the baby Gators to win convincingly.


Alias said...

Should we call you "Gary" from now on?

bobbyjack said...

only if you include the "sss" and winner, winner, chicken dinner tag to it... eheh.