Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bama Basketball Blog

Bamahoops did a good job of selecting the final two teams. What does everyone have to say about the final game?

I think Florida matches up with UCLA better than LSU did and that Florida's big men won't run out of gas in the first quarter the way Glen Davis did. I don't know anything about basketball but I'll take Florida by three points.


bamabasketball said...

Hopefully this will make it. My attempt yesterday failed.

I was blown away by UCLA last night. They should beat Florida. And to think we were a 3-pointer away from beating them ...

bobbyjack said...

UCLA's D is going to do the same thing to the Gators as they did to Memphis and LSU. It should be a close game as the Gators can drain the 3. In the end I see UCLA winning by 5.

Even in basketball, defense win championships.

Side note- the championship game features 2 tournament champs. That blows away the notion that the conference tourney is a detrement to the big dance.