Thursday, April 06, 2006

College basketball rumors... head coaches on the move?

The two of note from link below:

1) South Carolina coach Dave Odom had been mentioned as a candidate for N.C. State’s vacant position. Former coach Herb Sendek resigned last week to accept the same job at Arizona State. N.C. State athletics officials’ top candidates for the position reportedly are Texas coach Rick Barnes and Memphis coach John Calipari. Odom, who is 100-69 in five seasons at USC, has two years remaining on a contract that pays the 63-year-old coach as much as $910,000 annually.

2) The Oklahoma men's basketball coaching search continues to be a well-guarded secret. Media outlets have speculated who might be the next coach, throwing out big names (Memphis' John Calipari and Villanova's Jay Wright) and little ones (Wichita State's Mark Turgeon). Fans calling talk radio shows and logging onto Internet message boards want to see OU hire Miami's Frank Haith or Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt.

For entertainment value, not verified

I figured Calapari's name would be linked to every decent opening in the nation. The one that surprised me is Paul Hewitt's name in the rumor mill (according to said site) for the Sooners job. My humble opinion... if Hewitt leaves the Ramblin' Wreck it's either for the NBA (NY Knicks) or a bigger college gig (read a big time Big East school).


Alias said...

Why would anyone consider leaving Texas for the NC State job? Texas is swimming in money and they are more than happy to pay for results.

WL said...

NC State started out throwing the biggest of names into the mix despite all of them responding to the report by declining interest. The inclusion of Barnes on the list is primarily a function of his being a native of Hickory, NC and a former ACC coach at Clemson. Unless he has parents that are ill and need him, I think the odds of Rick Barnes leaving Texas for the NC State job are about like the odds of us playing UAB....0.0000000000000000000001%.

When reality sets in for the NC State people, they'll either have to hire a retread like Odom or take a chance on a guy like Pelphrey or Capel. Should be interesting to see what happens.

On the OU job, I'll be shocked if it isn't Turgeon or Altman.

Jay Wright being mentioned for the OU job(and NC State job, for that matter) is hilarious. He's every bit as New York/NE as anyone can be. It would be about like Danny Ford coaching football at Syracuse. Just isn't going to happen.

bobbyjack said...

Wright isn't going anywhere... I believe Nova was his dream job.

NC State would be foolish to go after Odom. If they can't find one with HC experience they'll certainly go the assistant route and try to raid someone from their rivals (would Coach K allow Collins or Wojo to go to a 'rival').

I don't have a feel for the OU job, but like WL I suspect Altman will get it. How much longer can he stay at Creighton? My hunch is like the IU job someone will come out of nowhere and get it.