Saturday, April 15, 2006

Looking back... 2005 recruiting class

I don't pay attention to recruiting (I have my reasons), but I did find reviewing what we brought in for 2005 interesting.
2005 recruits

As you can see, we had 3 immediate contributers to the team. Part of it was due to necessity (as our # were low) and part due to bringing in solid talent ready to play. Hendrix and Gee were impact players and Hollinger was a nice reserve.


Alias said...

And many of us said from the very early stages that Hollinger should have been playing more earlier instead of Jonus.

Anonymous said...

Looking back, I believe we'll say this was a very good class. It's looking doubtful Ray George will ever wear crimson, but Hendrix and Gee are stars, Hollinger has a CHANCE to be a Pettway type before he leaves, and I'm expecting big things from Yamene Coleman in the future.