Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mike Davis to UAB... should Alabama fans care?

Former Indiana men's basketball head coach Mike Davis appears to be close to being offered the job as UAB's head coach but university officials interviewed Florida associate head coach Anthony Grant on Wednesday.

Grant met with UAB interim Athletics Director Richard Margison and two other athletic department representatives on Wednesday to discuss the opening. Grant would not talk about the situation when reached on his cell phone on Wednesday.

Deal not done

Mike Davis is probably more "dangerous" to Alabama than Mike Anderson was, but let's be honest now... how many "star" recruits are going to decide between Alabama and UAB? I bet that number is one every 2 or 3 years. IMO if we're competing for players with UAB, USA, or any other directional or 3rd tier basketball program we're in trouble. I don't think that's the case. We're ok... let UAB have their fun as it's merely a blip on our radar.


Bradley said...

Brett - got your email about this blog! Looks great. Interesting about Davis going to UAB...I guess Alabama is now the 3rd best basketball program in the state? just This blog is now part of my regular rounds on the 'net ... thanks for letting me know about it.

WL said...

I think you are giving UAB and to a lesser extent Davis way too much credit. Relative to the product he had to sell, Davis was a good not great recruiter at Indiana. And let's really focus on the product he'll be selling at UAB....1-2 regular season TV appearances PER YEAR. ONE decent conference opponent to play each year(hence the lack of TV appearances). Difficulty finding non-conference opponents(Mike was one of my first favorite Bama players but he's made no friends in the coaching profession and lining up a non-conference schedule will be VERY difficult). There's virtually ZERO reason for a recruit to choose UAB over UA. Mark is just as likeable and has done no worse in player development, so it comes down to the program. If he signs 1 recruit we have offered every 5 years, I'll be surprised. Mike Anderson is a better coach and more likeable guy. He went to the Elite 8 and didn't sign a single player we wanted.......

bobbyjack said...

WL... I probably should've clarified.

MD IMO is more "dangerous" to Alabama just because he'll actually try to recruit players we're interested in. He probably won't get any, but he'll try and might snatch one away from time to time. Truth be told MA is a better coach, but IMO UAB found a suitable replacement (I figured they'd go the assistant route).

Like I said... I have no worry about UAB. If they win... fine, but it won't be at the expense of our program. UAB and their 74 fans can rejoice in being the #2 basketball program in the state :)

Anonymous said...

Alabama-Birmingham made the Sweet 16, not the Elite 8.