Saturday, April 08, 2006

What's more important to fans...a conference title or a deep NCAA run?

If you ask most college basketball fans they'll tell you how far you go in the NCAAs is more important. Conference titles are nice, winning your tournament is nicer, but a run in the tournament is king to most college basketball fans.

I'm iffy on this... I think regular season conference titles mean a lot. Conference tourneys are really for those on the bubble to play their way in and I don't hold them in high regard. A deep run in the NCAA tournament can validate a season... or invalidate it by exiting stage left the first weekend.

Relating to Alabama, do we weigh the Elite 8 run in 2004 heavier than winning the regular season SEC title in 2002? I go back and forth on this... on one hand a tournament run is national exposure, but a regular season title is more indictative of a body of work (season summary).

In the end I lean towards how you look in the NCAA tourney. I know it's not fair to judge a team's season by a weekend, but it sort of gives us an indication of how tough a conference is.

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