Thursday, June 29, 2006

SEC and the NBA draft 2001-2006...

I'll limit this to those actually drafted and not the ones who made the fatal mistake of declaring and going undrafted. Coming into the 2006 draft 6 SEC players were drafted in the 1st round. From the looks of the 2006 NBA draft the SEC is on the rise (no kidding).

Most of the research can be credited to

Tyus Thomas- LSU (#4)
Ronnie Brewer- Arkansas (#14)
Renaldo Balkman- South Carolina (#20)
Rajon Rondo- Kentucky (#21)

David Lee- Florida (#30)
Brandon Bass- LSU (#33)
Lawrence Roberts- Miss St (#55)

Justin Reed- Ole Miss (#41)
Cristian Drejer- Florida (#52)
Matt Frieje- Vanderbilt (#55)
Rashad Wright- Georgia (#60)

Jarvis Hayes- UGA (#10)
Mario Austin- Miss St (#36)
Derrick Zimmerman- Miss St (#40)
Keith Bogans- Kentucky (#43)
Matt Bonner- Florida (#45)
Mo Williams- Alabama (#47)

Marcus Haislip- Tennessee (#13)
Tayshaun Prince- Kentucky (#23)
Vincent Yarborough- Tennessee (#33)
Rod Grizzard- Alabama (#39)

Joe Johnson- Arkansas (#10)
Gerald Wallace- Alabama (#25)
Jamison Brewer- Auburn (#41)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer basketball news...

On Verice Cloyd
Gottfried expects the NCAA to rule “any day” and certainly “within the next week or two” on the status of Genesis One, the school in Mendenhall, Mississippi, that was among the large number of non-accredited schools being examined for legitimacy. Gottfried agrees that if the school is not legitimate then Verice Cloyd, the 6-3 guard Bama signed out of that school should not be eligible.

The rest of Gottfried's comments can be read here:
From Bamamag

Friday, June 16, 2006

Blast from past... James "Hollywood" Robinson career stats

He played 8 years in the NBA... who knew?
He was the 21st overall pick in the draft to Portland... bounced around the league until 2001 and never made it back.
I believe his last playing gig was with the Vegas ABA team in 2004. Maybe someone has a more recent update on his whereabouts.