Saturday, August 05, 2006

Alabama to play in Coors Classic in Mobile

Coors Classic... it's the right beer now?

The Crimson Tide will hoop it up with the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and South Alabama will take on Ole Manning... uh Miss in the other game. This is good exposure for the Tide in Mobile... get more of the state excited about Crimson Tide basketball.


Alias said...

I would encourage all Bama Basketball fans within a three hour drive to attend this game. The Mitchell Center is beautiful and Southern Miss is a better opponent that Bama typically meets in this venue. (Last year's performance atanist Spring Hill College really wasn't an abberation. Bama was not very good until after the Ole Miss game.)

Perhaps a group of us could meet to eat before the game. There are plenty of places near to the Mitchell Center. I suggest we begin to try to make plans to meet as the game date arrives, but let's all make plans now to attend the game in Mobile.

Roll Tide!

Hville said...

I believe Southern Miss still has Courtney Beasley from Butler on their team. If so, I believe he is a Sophomore.

I may think about the game at the Mitchell Center. It may be a little too far and snaky for me, but I will assess it closer to time....