Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cloyd not out of woods yet with NCAA

TUSCALOOSA | Donald Jackson, the attorney for recently admitted University of Alabama basketball player Verice Cloyd, told CBS this weekend that he is concerned that the NCAA may launch a “lengthy review" into Cloyd and dozens of other former prep school players, possibly delaying their eligibility past the start of the upcoming college basketball season.

“I had hoped … all this was over," Jackson said in the interview. “But this is far from over."

Jackson represents Cloyd, a freshman guard played at Genesis One Prep in Mendenhall, Miss. Cloyd had to wait through a long, highly publicized process before gaining NCAA clearance and, ultimately, admission into UA

NCAA clears but then wants to punish?

My $.02... crap or get off the pot NCAA. Either say you will or won't accept players from schools like this. Don't be wishy washy. All this does is put a kid's college career on hold as the NCAA figures out what they want to do... and we all know they take their sweet ass time doing so!

This irks me to no end!


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. They're just toying with these guys at this point.

Alias said...

This sounds like the same stunt the NCAA pulled on Kennedy Winston. Regular readers here already know how I feel about the NCAA, but this sounds like a new low - even for them. Do they have any idea how many young people's lives they are tampering with?

Not only are Vernice Cloyd's college and basketball career being jeopardized, but so are the opportunities of the young people who might have been able to fill Cloyd's slot.

Sure, I understand that the staff probably did not want to offer anyone else this year, but that is not the NCAA's call to make. It is CMG's call.

As frustrating as this must be for the players and coaches, it only reaffirms my confidence in wisdom Coach Mal Moore exhibited when he brought CMG back to Alabama. Some other coaches will be cutting corners and telling lies to compensate for the handicap the NCAA has suffered on them; but not our coach.

I sure hope CMG has a long list of replacement assistants. Coach Pearson surely will not stay with us forever and we will need another recruiting genius to take his place when the time comes.

Death to the tirants!

Roll Tide!!!!!!!1