Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gottfried courts Big East teams for home game (update)

Looks like the Seton Hall Pirates are signed for a 2 game series. On the bright side the team gets a trip to NYC... or close enough.
Tide-Pirates agree?

TUSCALOOSA -- Alabama basketball coach Mark Gottfried is one game away from completing his schedule for 2006-07, and that late November date might be against a Big East opponent.

Gottfried has had discussions with Seton Hall and Georgetown University, among a small handful of schools, about starting a home-and-home series that would begin this season, most likely in Tuscaloosa the last week in November.

"I'm hoping I can get it done, in principle, today, and by next week it'll be through," Gottfried said Monday.

The ninth-year Alabama coach said he could not release his schedule until the final contract has been signed, and that he'd overnight a contract the day he receives verbal confirmation.

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Adding a Big East school to the schedule?

Seton Hall isn't what they used to be...since PJ left the program is barely above water. Georgetown on the other hand is on it's way back to the glory days of the 80s. I'd love to matchup with the Hoyas.

This quote from CMG bothers me:
"We're the football school that's getting a lot of respect nationally as a basketball team," Gottfried said. "There are a lot of times we're not a real attractive opponent. People don't want to get beat by a team that their fans think is a football school."

He's right on the money, but I'm not sure I would publicly say that. Florida is a football school, but their program is not viewed as a stepchild anymore. Ditto for Ohio State, but they don't hear the "we're a football school" mantra anymore.

Alabama basketball shouldn't be a stepchild either. You know how we take the next step... win SEC Championships and advance to the 2nd and 3rd week of the NCAA tournament with some regularity. That would put a stop to us being a football school with a nice niche basketball program... at least nationally.

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Alias said...

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Notre Dame used to be known as football schools. They cured that by winning on the basketball court too.

CMG is continuing the process of distancing the Basketball Program's reputation from the Football Program's. Had it not been for the unfortunated event of David Hobbs' tenure (and I confess again that he was my choice for the job at the time), the process probably would have been completed by now.

It's also true that CMG played during the Wimp era when this process still was in its infancy, so he might have some psychological holdover from the conditions which existed in his youth.

Just keep winning, Coach Gottfried, and everything else will take care of itself.

Roll Tide!