Saturday, August 19, 2006

NCAA Gives Cloyd His Final Approval

According to this article on the CBS page, Cloyd now has been cleard to play:

Cloyd cleared by NCAA... again
And from
Whoo hoo!

I honestly think we now have all the tools we need for our first Final Four run. Anything can happen, especially in the tournament, but this is the most talented team Bama has fielded in quite a while and it really should be a special year.


bobbyjack said...

I posted this from about 10 seconds before you, bt I deleted it :)

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Anonymous said...

Are season tickets already sold out yet? Are they even available yet? Thought you'd know.

bobbyjack said...

I can't find any info on individual ticket sales (or when it begins). I presume they go onsale in October. As for season tickets, I'm pretty sure they're available. I'll check and see with the ticket office.

Hville said...

season tix typically go on sale shortly after the schedule is released, which is in September. After that, single game tix go on sale in October.

bobbyjack said...

Follow up on ticket info... the ticket office has not set a date on when individual tickets go on sale. Also, they have mailed Tide Pride forms for previous season ticket holders, but did not have a date when season tickets go on sale to the public.

That's about all the info I got from the ticket office. No date etched in stone... which to be honest is quite odd. Actually... well... nevermind.