Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Official Roster Out

The official roster is out, published on RollTide.com. Here is a link to it:

Official Roster

Unfortunately, Ray George's name does not appear on it. I suspect Cloyd is the only freshman who will not redshirt because Riley is listed as a forward, which apparently is his natural position. If Cloyd does redshirt, that probably means the coaches expect Steele to stick around for another year. I think we'll see Cloyd playing so he and Hollinger can share time at the point next year. I really don't know whether Torrence and Tubbs are being groomed as point guards or shooting guards.

It should be a fun year. I can hardly wait to get reports from the students on their new class mates.


bobbyjack said...

Thanks for posting that. I really hope CMG uses the bench more this year as we seem to have the depth to do so.

Hville said...

I'm getting really fired up....