Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ronald Steele is no Michael Jordan...

... but who is?

Yes, Steele will tell you, a man nearing middle age recently schooled him in a pickup game.

"I guarded him one play," Steele said in a phone call from Santa Barbara, Calif. "I did everything I could and he still scored on me."

The unstoppable force was the founder of a camp Steele and Davidson are working this week. Oh, he's also an ex-Birmingham Baron.

Ever heard of Michael Jordan?

``He hit a fadeaway on me. I don't remember how close it was, but I cut him off good and he still hit it," Steele explained.

``It's amazing to watch him out there on the court and see how good he is. Even at 43, he's the best player I've ever seen."

OK, we know Jordan has game. But according to Jordan, so does Alabama's honorable mention All-American.

Jordan pulled Steele aside after one session to talk about Steele's talent and potential. The John Carroll Catholic High product, a rising junior point guard at Alabama, listened intently - once he picked his jaw off the floor.

``He gave me a lot of compliments, but he also gave me tips," Steele said.

The rest of the article can be read here:
Tide star Steele 'schooled' by basketball legend

Can't think of anyone better to get basketball advice from than Air Jordan... I do hope any advice Jordan gave to him in regards to basketball operations went in one ear and out the other.

More good press for Alabama basketball...


AmpTR said...

I read with some interest some posts made on TiderInsider about RHendrix not being ready for the NBA. RHendrix is not ready for the NBA but, for exactly the reasons stated in the TI posts, he made the right decision to entertain NBA overtures out of High School. RH may never turn in to an NBA player -- basically because of his body type, but if he was guaranteed a first round selection with guaranteed money shouldnt he have taken the opportunity? Heck yes, any of us would. So, was it a good idea for RH to inquire of his draft status as a HS Senior? Yes. Did most of the Alabama fans think he was not ready? Yes.
I have watched RH for many years and he made his biggest improvement from the first of the year to the end. If he does not make the NBA, it will not be for lack of desire or work.
My point being -- even if a player doesnt appear ready for the NBA doesnt mean it is not in his best interest to pursue that opportunity.
Roll Tide

bobbyjack said...

Hendrix reminds me a lot of Erwin Dudley... a heck of a lot. That's a plus in work ethic, but a negative in NBA body type.
I read the posts and while they are accurate right now, they seem to forget he's going into his 2nd year. Maybe he develops a midrange jumper, learns to play taller than he is, and gets into excellent condition. Who knows? I'll reserve judgement on his NBA status next season.

Steele on the other hand is ready for the NBA right now IMO. One more year of seasoning (and I believe this is his last year here) should make him a top 15 pick. I believe Steele could be the next Mark Jackson... which is quite the compliment.

Michael Pigott said...

Good site. Just an oasis in the football desert that is this state. Keep it up.