Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Some SEC schedules released

LSU- Loaded
Mississippi State- Mostly Cupcakes
Ole Miss- Not bad considering

Florida- Stout
Kentucky- Brutally tough as usual
South Carolina- Kansas and cupcake city
Tennessee- Not bad

I couldn't find one for Auburn, Arkansas, Vandy, or Georgia... I'm guessing like Alabama they wait a while to release the schedule. Then again, the ones I listed beside us probably would rather talk about another sport. :)

It looks like the SEC isn't afraid to play the big boys in other conferences. UConn is on LSU's and Ole Miss' schedule, Kansas plays Florida and South Carolina, Texas plays LSU and Tennessee, not to mention the tournaments like the Maui Invitational (UK), Paradise Jam (Alabama), Preseason NIT (Tennessee), and the Las Vegas Invitational (Florida... and a tournament I wish we can schedule soon).

The SEC this season is almost as tough as the Big East top to bottom IMO. We shall see.


Hville said...

Florida plays UAB at Sunrise, FL? That is rather odd. They also host Ohio State. There will be alot of talent on the floor in that game....

bobbyjack said...

I'm miffed at the Sunrise location as well. Maybe someone on the Gators is from that area (something that Coach K does with his Duke players).

Anonymous said...

The Vols also play at Ohio St in Jan. I'm disspointed with the Gators schedule... outside of Kansas and OSU there's not much else. A road game at FSU and the home game against UAB. M$U isn't that bad. Roads games against middle of the pack big conference teams and a trip to George Mason. You're right about LSU...that's just insane.