Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SI Q&A with Ronald Steele

Q&A with Steele
Nice interview... nothing new (or anything we haven't heard) but good press for the Alabama basketball program.

There's a mistake on the site... on the front page of the site- SI
Ronald Steele returns for his junior season after averaging 14.3 points for Alabama during last year's Sweet 16 run.

If we were a Sweet 16 team last year, they'd be even more hype to this upcoming season.


Hville said...
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Hville said...

Hville said...
It appears that Steele will at least be 1st or 2nd team AA in most of the preseason votings taking place. Obviously the AP and the coaches haven't been polled yet, but based on Scout and other mags listing him as 1st team AA, good things are to come for him.

We need to enjoy Steele while he is here. A player like him only comes along once every blue moon...