Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Alabama preview...

Final Projection: If any of the wings can step up, Alabama can make a deep run in March…or April. Steele, Davidson and Hendrix are solid, but experienced depth will become an issue. Ten of the 14 players on the roster are underclassmen and two of those four upperclassmen haven’t played a game for Alabama. The talent is there for a surprise, but so is the inexperience and questions for a huge disappointment. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between and that leaves us right around the top of the SEC West and a trip to the second weekend of the dance.

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Nothing you haven't already read... I find this one to be tempering expectations.

If you want to read Tennessee's and Kentucky's preview from this site click here and look at #s 31 and 32.

Finally, if I get time I'll put up some "stats packs" of our opponent either the day before or the day of the game.

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Alias said...

What many people seem to ignore is the fact that we will be older, more experienced, and deeper than we were last season when we were one fatigued Ron Steele jump shot away from heading beating our third final four team.

If Coleman provides any help for Davidson and Hendricks, it will be more than they got last year. And the idea of My Man Hollinger sitting because Riley is bigger and better makes my toes tingle.

There always is the possibility that our players will have regressed over the summer, but I doubt that will happen with this crew. Nothing is going to diminish my excitement . . . at least until the first loss.