Monday, November 13, 2006

Preseason bracketology

Joe Lunardi has us in New Orleans as a 2 seed. That's the only way I'd ever go back to that city.

North Carolina is the projected 1 in the South. Kansas, Florida, and UCLA round out the other projected 1s. Arizona, LSU, and Pitt are the other projected 2s.

3 SEC teams projected in the top 8... who knew?


Alias said...

"Welcome back" to Matt's standard signature line!

"Who knew?"


Anonymous said...

Should get a kick in the somewhat meaningless Top 25. Kansas dropped one to Oral Roberts tonight. I thought the Jayhwaks usually waited till March to blow a game against a inferior opponent.

bobbyjack said...

Kansas will probably move up a slot due to a competitive loss to Oral Roberts... eheh. We TCB this weekend and we'll be in the top 7.
BTW- who's Matt?