Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tide beat Musketeers to win Paradise Jam

Led by double-doubles by Davidson and Riley the Tide pull away late to win 73-65.
Box Score

The turning point in the game IMO was CMG going to a 2-3 zone when Xavier got hot from the field. That shut down their outside shooting and helped the Tide come back from 6 down to take control of the game.

Riley provided a spark off the bench... his 3 point shooting was off, but overall he put up 13 points and 10 boards. Steele was off, but that's ok. Gee turned it on in the 2nd half, Hendrix owned the inside, and Davidson had another solid game (although I think he's too enamored with shooting the 15ft jumper).

The good:
Holding Xavier to 32% from the field and 23% from beyond the arc.
Shutting down Burrell.
Only 11 turnovers.

The bad:
Free throw shooting: 7-15.
Rebounding: we out rebounded them, but not by much. Xavier had 11 offensive boards.

Overall a good effort against a very good team. It's nice to have a tournament win under our belts.

Side note- the guy that did the postgame interview was AUful. It's been 11 years since I graduated with a film degree, yet I could've done better than that trainwreck. Oh well, I guess the guy was having fun.

BTW- thanks to Hville and steve dave for posting the channels for those "other" cable and satellite providers.


Anonymous said...

Not much to add to what you said. I thought Demetrius Jemison showed flashes of being a pretty sold contributor this year. And, I think I'm finally distinguishing between Mykal Riley and Mikhail Torrence so that's always good.

I thought Alabama looked like a completely different team in the last nine minutes. Held Xavier to 7 points and started hitting the boards a lot harder.

One final note, I don't think enough can be said about the postgame interviewer. I just kind of sat there with my mouth open, staring in disbelief. "Well, Iguanas are an endangered species, but maybe you could take some rum cakes." Wow. Just...wow.

Alias said...

Another good showing by the Tide, but the support cast has yet to play into their roles. Riley scored in double digits but could not buy a three for the third game in a row. Torrence was absent as a scorer but made a beautiful left-handed pass. That is the sort of ambidextrous pass you guys will learn to love from Torrence.

My man Hollinger hit a three and a two. He even looked like he wanted the ball once when he was wide open and we were in a scoring slump, but the ball did not get there quickly enough.

Jemison gave some quality minutes but still needs to grow into the game. I still don’t know where Coleman was. I hope he’s okay.

I thought we defended the perimeter better tonight, especially out of that zone. I've seen Torrence play at the top of that type zone in high school, and that was when he seemed most active on defense. If we can find a way to rebound out of it, I think we should use it a great deal this season.

The first five or six guys are continuing to play at a very high level. If the support cast only spells them for a few minutes per game, we will be good. If Riley, Torrence, Jemison and Coleman can grow into their games like I am hoping and expecting, we could go all the way.

bobbyjack said...

I think Coleman played 2 minutes. I guess CMG doesn't have confidence in him yet. I really hope he develops as that would be 9 regulars.

I wish I would've tivoed the postgame interview. I was embarrassed for Gee standing there trying to answer his insane questions.

Anonymous said...

Very exciting to get the early season wins. I hope a decent crowd turns out to watch Saturday night's game.

In addition to the laughable post-game interviewer, the announcers praised the sideline reporter for her outstanding work. All she did was go over to the bench and find out about the cut on Richard Hendrix's face, but they were ready to hand her the Pulitzer prize.

Note to self: Find a tropical locale, and you too can host a basketball tournament.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think she was a local TV reporter they wrangled in there to do some sidleine coverage. From what I could tell, most of her schtick was just promoting the Islands as a tourist destination (so they can drug you, rip out your kidneys, and leave you in a bathtub filled with ice...)

The pictures and video of the islands made me want to go. The sideline lady and the post-game guy? Um, not so much.

bobbyjack said...

The sideline reporter was funny. She gave us second by second updates on the status of Hendrix's cut. Larry Conley goes out of his way to compliment the people he works with and she was no exception.

Oh BTW- the kidney and bathtub filled with ice comment cracked me up. People used to warn me about that everytime I went to New Orleans... eheh.