Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Uninspired win over the Warhawks

Uninspired is being kind as the Crimson Tide pull away at the 10 minute mark to beat Louisiana Monroe 75-61. Mykal Riley and Alonzo Gee put up 22 points for the closer than expected win over a pretty bad Warhawks squad. Davidson had an AUful shooting night going 3-15 from the field.
Box Score

I tuned in late in the 1st half and figured Louisiana Monroe must've been shooting lights out to keep it close. I was wrong... they looked like crap as well.

The good:
Held the Warhawks to 34% from the field and 29% from beyond the arc.
Rebounded (47-28) and shot free throws well (19-24).
Hendrix was solid again with 18/12... another double double. Davidson and Gee also had double-doubles

The bad:
JD, Riley, and Gee played 35 minutes.
The Warhawks played like crap and we still struggled with them.
Guard play was anemic.

Overall, a crappy outing. Oh well, at least we won and our star players don't have mono.


Alias said...

Here is are two very unsettling statistics for a home game. Bama was 4 of 19 outside the arc and everyone but Riley was O-for. I sure hope Torrence and Hollinger can find their shots soon.

bobbyjack said...

I'd rather then stink up the place against a inferior opponent than say... LSU. I attribute it to an off-night by JD and a team that knew us better than most.