Sunday, December 17, 2006

Add on to the USM review below

Box Score
Alias gave a great report below. That's as detailed as anything I've read. Thanks for that.

The good:
1) JD had a monster game... fell one blocked shot short of a triple-double (25/11/9). I believe the great Roy Rogers is the only player in Alabama history to do that (and I believe he did it twice).
2) Held USM to 31% from the field and outrebounded them 40-31.
3) Justin Tubbs... did we find our outside threat?

The bad:
1) Turnovers- 18 is way too much.
2) Let USM back in the game late. We got to finish off teams.

Overall a sloppy game played by both, but a good win for the team. Someone tell me why Hollinger played 37 minutes to Torrance's 10. Maybe I missed an injury or something.

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Alias said...

I think the main reason we saw more of Hollinger and less of Torrence last night was that Torrence was not having a very good game. As mentioned in my earlier post, he looked a bit out of sync.

I ran into his parents after the game. (They are a very pleasant couple and his mother has a million dollar smile.) Mr. Torrence mentioned first that his son did not have a very good game. I believe my comment was that he looked "a bit rusty." I wonder if he was sick or perhaps fatigued from final exams. Not many Alabama high school kids are familiar with exams of the type they encounter in Tuscaloosa.

Torrence missed his only three. He had a clean look and was squared up but the shot did not quite fall. The rest of his misses were in close to the basket at the end of his slashing drives. I got the impression they all those plays were run at CMG's direction and thought they were good strategic moves that simply did not quite work last night. On one I seem to recall that he got caught too far from the hoop and had no one to who he could pass so he had to throw up a desperation shot. On the other two he got very close to the hoop but his lay ins did not drop.

Torrence's defense was lacking a bit last night too. I think he was hustling and playing hard, but he did not always play with his feet and he sometimes got too far away from his man to recover and keep his man from getting off an open shot.

I am not saying Torrence played poorly. He did seem to move the ball well and to move with the ball well. I think we simply are seeing continuing evidence of Torrence's having to adjust to the speed and skill levels of this caliber of competition. I also think that he is not in as good physical condition as he will be next season, simply because he has not yet spent a year in our S&C program. Steele, Agee and Hollinger are among the few freshmen who have not exhibited these problems.

One really good thing about this team, however, is that if one guy's shot is not falling we have someone else we can give the green light. Last night those shooters were Gee and Tubbs. Riley did not seem to have a very good game offensively.