Saturday, December 09, 2006

Alabama comes home to battle state rival Alabama State (stats pack)

Ok, they're not really a rival but it sounded good. The Hornets are coming off winning 2 of their last 4 with big wins over Tuskegee and the ever impressive Troy University. This should be a barnburner.
Alabama State stats pack

I'm not going to sugarcoat this... they stink. Here's a glimpse of how bad they are.
Scoring margin: -17.3
PPG: 56.5
FG: 32%
3pt FG: 33% (this isn't bad, but it's sad they shoot better beyond the arc)
Rebound margin: -13.5

If we don't beat them like we stole something I'll be disappointed. This game might in some small way take some of the pain from the Bama nation with the 2nd half tailkicking to Notre Dame and Rich Rodriguez telling our AD that life is better in West Virginia.

Prediction... Crimson Tide by 30 and Steele gets much needed rest.
Internet broadcast on yahoo at 7:30PM EST (6:30PM CST).

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