Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Around the world of college hoops... things you might not know

Since we've got a week between games I figured I'd throw in some things you did not know

Syracuse will not leave the state of New York for a game until January 7th when they go on the road to Marquette.

SEC Out of Conference record vs the AP top 25 (AP top 25 as of 12-12): 2-13
Alabama: 0-1 (Xavier will be back in the top 25 soon)
Arkansas: 0-0 (biggest win vs WVU)
LSU: 1-1 (biggest win vs Texas A&M, L to Wichita St)
Auburn: 0-3 (played Pitt and Oklahoma State tough)
Ole Miss: 0-2 (couldn't hang with UConn or Memphis)
Mississippi State: 0-0 (super cupcake schedule)
Florida: 0-1 (Kansas OT loss)
Kentucky: 0-3 (UCLA, Memphis, UNC)
Tennessee: 1-2 (Ls to UNC and Butler, W over Memphis)
Vanderbilt: 0-0 (L to G'town and W over Ga Tech... both should be back in the top 25)
South Carolina: 0-0 (big win over the real USC in So Cal)
Georgia: 0-0 (big win at Wake Forest)

Gonzaga has the nation's longest home court winning streak at 45 games. Granted most of their home games are against a bunch of cupcakes. BTW- they don't seem to be missing a step from Adam "Pornstache" Morrison's departure to the NBA.

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