Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another road game, another beatdown... Barn beat Bama easily

I turned it off with 2 minutes to play. I had seen enough.
Box score for those that like to stick sharp objects in their eyes

The good:
- Steele had a good shooting night.
- Torrance saw the court.
- It actually could've been worse.

The bad:
- Transition defense. How many times did Auburn beat us down the court? Eleventy billion.
- Perimeter defense. With the exception of the last 4 minutes of the 1st half... eek.
- No inside game. Our big guys were fading away from the basket. What the hell.
- Despite the terrible defense on all fronts by the starters, only 6 really saw the court. You'd figure guys would be benched for that, but what do I know.

We have a lot of problems right now. We can't score and can't stop anyone. Ugh. For all of Steele's offensive stats last night he really needs to play less minutes as he's a SERIOUS LIABILITY on defense. 39 minutes played is inexcusable being he's still hobbled. Use the freakin bench!

Despite what I saw written somewhere else, we're not a NIT team... yet. Wait until we drop a home game before making that step. Geez.


Hville said...

As well as Riley played against UGA, he really laid an egg last night. You can win on the road even if one player has an off night, but when Steele can't play defense, Riley is off, and Hendrix can't stay in the game, it was bound to happen...

bobbyjack said...

When Auburn's "inside" guys were scoring left and right under the basket I knew it was going to be a long night. Why CMG won't bench guys for not playing defense is irritating.