Wednesday, January 24, 2007

API Aftermath - Part II

I read today that the API fans who finally showed up for a game last night (probably because the football trophy was awarded and not because they care about their basketball team) derided our players. "Over rated! Over rated!" Did they tear down the shower curtain at the end of the gym when the game was over too?

I was a freshman in 1972 when we lost the 17-16 football game. I don’t recall counting the consecutive wins or rubbing it in the API fans faces, but I looked around one day and we’d won 9 in a row. I think we beat them about ten years in a row in basketball too. Now the home of Mike Mitchell, Chuck Persons and Charles Barkley is filled for the only time all year with people who know ziclh about basketball and shout “we plead the fifth”? To quote the Cosby Kids, “NC! No Class!” I am ashamed that our coaching staff inflicted that scnerio on our players.

I don't think our players need a "come to Jesus" meeting. I think CMG needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with himself. If he doesn't, then it is time for Wendell Hudson to have one with him. As of Monday night,CMG was not in a listening or a learning mood. If he is not now, then we probably have reached the top of CMG’s potential.

The question those of us who are real Bama Basketball fans (and not just those who treat it as the filler between football season, football recruiting season, and the Spring game), is “Are we satisfied with this level or do we want to try to move forward?”

CMG has done an excellent job with our program. He saved us from the Hobbs disaster and has our program getting national recognition early in the year because of all the talent he recruits. When I was a student, Dr. Bob Davis did the same thing atAPI , but I don’t think he ever won a conference championship and almost never made it to the NCAA Tournament in the small field it then involved. API opted for Sonny Smith who did know how to win games.

The truth is that no one in the Athletic Department is going to listen to me. I hope to see changes by next week but have to assume that none will be made. If they are not, I will have a decision to make as a die hard Bama Basketball fan. Do I lower my expectations and learn to accept these humiliating road defeats caused by the lack of fundamental skills and effort exhibited by our kids especially on the road, or do I vote with my feet?

To be perfectly honest, I am upset with CMG for eveing bringing me to this point where I even have to contemplate these options.



bobbyjack said...

I might be even rougher on CMG, but I'll hold it until the end of the year... hoping things turn around.
The high post offense still sucks.

Anonymous said...

Vandy just beat LSU as well at LSU. Still a "bad" team?

bobbyjack said...

Vandy is a final four team. No one is going to stop them. Is that better?
The whole SEC West sucks if you haven't noticed.