Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bracketology from ESPN

Joe has us as a 2 seed in the West

Having us as a 2 seed in the West is strange... I'd figure we'd be a 2 in Lexington. Also, I'm not sure what the fascination is with Duke and Arizona this year... both are overrated if you ask me.

Random thoughts:

- Indiana is better than I thought. They took it to Ohio State and came up just short. Their 4 losses have come to Kentucky, Duke, and Ohio State on the road and Butler in Indy. Every one of them were close games.

- We'll find out what UConn is made of this weekend at LSU. IMO this is the weakest Huskie squad Calhoun has had in years.

- I'm still cold on Wisconsin. They might change my mind next week at Ohio State.

- West Virginia is also better than I thought. I thought replacing Gandy and Pittsnogle equalled a rebuilding year. Right now they're 11-1 with a win over UConn (and a now head scratching loss to Arkansas in the Orlando tournament... can't remember the name of it). They might end up being the 2nd or 3rd best team in the Big East.


Hville said...

From the Bracketology, they have Indiana possibly facing us in Rd 2. If they are as good as you say (I only saw their atrocious 1st half against Duke), then that could be interesting.

I hate Jim Calhoun, so him having a bad year is very welcome to me. I believe UCONN will be a much better team by March, however.

For Lunardi to have Wisconsin as a #1, I agree with you on this one.

bobbyjack said...

Indiana has a relatively easy schedule left (sad since it's conference season). I honestly don't think they'll lose more than 6 in conference. That should put them at a 7/8/9 seed. What I saw from them against UK and Ohio State was impressive.

Calhoun and UConn... they'll get better, but I doubt they seriously compete for the Big East title. I figure they'll be the 5th or 6th (Pitt, Nova, G'town, ND, WVU) best overall in conference.