Monday, January 15, 2007

Just for fun... my guess at the new AP top 10

1) Florida
2) Wisconsin
4) Kansas
5) North Carolina
6) Pittsburgh
7) Texas A&M
8) Ohio State
9) Alabama
10) Oregon

Side notes:
- Greg Oden is 34 years old.
- Arizona is still overrated. Ditto for Oklahoma State and Duke.
- West Virginia is making a liar out of me... a blowout loss to Marquette should push them out of the top 25. Related news... Marquette is better than I thought.
- South Carolina looks poised to 3-peat... in the NIT. Getting hammerred by UGA, UF, and Kansas in a 2 week span probably puts them in the Not Invited Tournament. There's time to change that, but I suspect the 'Cocks will be back in NYC to defend their crown. That's pretty freakin' sad.

Side side note- It's tragic what has happenned to the woman pictured on the right. Talk about going downhill fast.


Alias said...

Bobby, who's the babe in the pic up there?

bobbyjack said...

Mrs. Federline... Mrs. "oops I did it again" formelly known as Miss Spears.