Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A little perspective on our season thus far....

We are 13-1, with wins over Iowa, Xavier, Oklahoma and a tourney win (Paradise Shootout).

We have 3-4 potential NBA players, which is a huge step from where we were when CMG signed the true foundation of the future (Dudley, Meade, Grizzard, Walker).

We have a tourney MVP (Paradise Shootout) and the best athlete since Gerald Wallace in Alonzo Gee.

We are the only SEC team with less than two losses. I repeat, the ONLY team.

Heading into SEC play, only UK has a better RPI after our win against OU.

Even after the ND loss, we have remained inside the Top 15 and are now sitting in 8th. So essentially, we have been a Top 10 team throughout the preseason.

With all this in mind, if I had read all of these stats off to you at the beginning of the season, I guarantee that 95% would have jumped on it in a second.

Why, then, is there so many people still complaining about one freaking loss to ND? Get over it. The days of the '76 Hoosiers is over. The team that wins the NC this year will have some losses that will be due to less than stellar performances. Look at Florida. They were 17-0 last season and then went 7-6 in their last 13 regular season conference games before their last loss, at Bama no less, propelled them to sweep the SEC Tourney and the NCAA Tourney. On paper, Alabama really is a team that can do something this year, especially with a healthy Ron Steele. After the ND loss, we have shown improvement and will continue to improve...

As the famous quote in the movie Stripes: "Lighten up, Francis."

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bobbyjack said...

Thanks... I think too many treat basketball games like football games. You're going to have an off-night once in a while.

The sad part about that loss is the Notre Dame guard McAultry (I think that's the correct spelling) was busted for pot last week. Damn... we got outshot by a stoner... eheh.