Tuesday, January 30, 2007

LSU stats pack and random thoughts

First, LSU stats pack. They might be playing as bad as we are right now... although they almost beat UGA on the road. They've lost 3 in a row.

I'll skip the 'who to watch' for LSU as most of you should know already. We need Hendrix to continue his 2nd half against Arkansas, Gee and Riley to find their range, Hollinger and Steele to take care of the ball, and Davidson to set screens and pretend to play inside. Also, I'd really like to see more PT for Jemison and Tubbs... after their solid 2nd half against Arkansas they deserve it (I think both should start, but that's just me... and quite a few others).

LSU is ripe for another home loss... Vandy took them down last week and they did fall to Wichita State early in the year so it's a winnable game. The problem is it's on the road. I wonder if they'll let us wear our home whites.

Prediction- the only prediction I'll make is the loser of this game should plan for the NIT. The winner still has some work to do.

Random thoughts:
- Georgia Tech is as disappointing as we are so far. They should be better.
- Digger Phelps gets on my last nerve.
- The Big East is really down this year. Pitt is the only realistic contender for a title. I'd say the SEC is better, but really it's Florida and a bunch of mediocre teams.
- PAC-10 basketball is fun to watch this year. They might get 6 in the NCAA tournament.

Gametime is 9PM EST (8PM CST) on LFN.


Alias said...

Bring us back a win, big guy.

Anonymous said...

Other than UF the SEC is really upside down this year. In the east, UGA and Vandy both 5-2? The viles are just 2-4. Who can figure out the west. Everyone thought Bama and LSU would be way ahead of the others but the loser of the game will be tied with another disappointment, M$U for last.

Nationally, a couple other disappointing teams include Arizona, Washington, UConn, GT and even Maryland. UConn was expected to drop off in my opinion and I thought GT was over-rated. I'm stunned at UW after their recent success. I also read that Maryland hasn't made the dance in 3 years...going on 4. Did Gary Williams sober up?

Out here in the mountains, the Mountain West is a much improved conference. Air Force, UNLV and BYU are almost tourney locks while teams like SDSU, CSU and even Wyoming are capable of winning the tourney.

As for Bama, who knows. Some people on TI are thinking CMG might be burnt out. Is it a stretch to think all the hoopla over Saban really screwed (can i use the f word on here?) CMG in the head? We do have history in t-town of coaches with issues in the head, and other places. I really wonder if Mark saw all the attention on the Saban hire overshadowing his top5 ranked team and just gave up? Everyone seems to think we'll get it back together before the season is over...but I'm not sure. Every season we faced some great adversity but CMG always seemed to be much emotional and understanding of the issue. This year he almost seems oblivious.

I see us losing in red stick but the following three game stretch before going to gainesville will determine if this team will put it together or not. Back to back home games against USC and M$U followed by a trip to Oxford are all winnable. If we don't go 3-0 in that stretch...hello NIT.

bobbyjack said...

I did not know Maryland has gone that long without a bid. He must've sobered up. UW biggest win was against... LSU. Right now that doesn't look real good.

I saw your CSU Rams gave UNLV a run for their money... for a while.

I don't see the game at Oxford as winnable as last night they shot well from beyond the arc. Tonight IMO is our bestest shot at not going perfect on the road in SEC play. Uh oh.