Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pathetic effort in Nashville... again

How we can look like ass against a pretty bad Vanderbilt team is mind-boggling. Oh wait... let's play a 2-3 zone and leave Vandy a bunch of open 3s. They won't hit them. UGH!

If you want to see the box score of this pimpslap click here.

Riley was the only bright spot in this game... the rest didn't show up (of the starters). Jemison put in some good minutes for another silver lining.

I'm tired of these half-assed showings on the road. If we can't out-talent them we lose... same old, same old year in and year out. At least that's consistent. Championship teams don't get embarrassed on the road by mediocre teams. We're not a championship team... heck we might be a bubble team if things don't change this year.

The good:
- Only outscored 40-36 in the 2nd half
- Riley kept us within 30.
- It wasn't on TV

The bad:
- Uh... 57% FG and 15-28 from beyond the arc for Vandy.
- Outhustled, outplayed, outcoached.
- Vandy put up 94 points

My outlook has changed on this season... losing as badly as we have on the road this year (at ND, Ark, and Vandy) tells me we're slightly above mediocre. Even with a healthy Steele we still lose this game by double digits. I don't know what to say.


Alias said...

I stopped listening after three minutes. Same song different verse.

Tell me if I am wrong. I am guessing here. Vandy shot lights out from outside the arc but we kept trying to defend them with the same players who could neither defend nor buy a basket to save their souls?

Not only did we get out played and out hustled, but we also got out coached because our coach would not bench the scrubs to "reward" them for their performance?

Let me make one more guess. When Davidson failed to perform underneath the basket, we didn't use him to set screens for Steele, Hollinger and Tubbs to shoot threes?

Someone who watched or listened to the game, please let me know if I was wrong.

Hville said...

I couldn't listen to much of it either. Just knowing that Ronald Steele was 1-11 from the field, we are a bad road team. Now, I think we may go 9-7 in the SEC.

That's one reason why I don't try to go to more road games. If I knew we would compete, win or lose, the experience would be decent. When I get so mad and disgusted because of our horrid play, it makes me glad I didn't make the effort to go.

Regardless, I am lloking forward to the UGA game Saturday....

bobbyjack said...

They way it's looking the only game I'll be attending is the road game in Knoxville. Man I hope we improve by then.

Something of note... of the 72 shots taken last night 68 of them were by our starters. Now that's downright strange.

Anonymous said...

Might want to note that Vandy beat Kentucky at Rupp last night. Perhaps they aren't as "bad" as you believe?

bobbyjack said...

Live and die by the 3... big win at Rupp... terrible losses to App St and Furman.