Saturday, January 20, 2007

Steele's last second shot wins it...

... an improbable win considering how pathetic we looked in the 1st half. Steele wins it 78-76. Truth be told he walked, but I don't care!
Box Score

It was a miserable start to the game... UGA pounced on us 15-0 and 20-2 early... coasted to 50-35 halftime lead. Nothing went right for us... we couldn't (or didn't) defend the 3 leaving them wide open shots, didn't fight through screens, and looked lost on offense. If I had a dog I would've kicked it.

The second half was a thing of beauty. Talk about halftime adjustments! We held UGA to 26 2nd half points, got hands in their faces (surprisingly zone D worked well), and found our rhythm on offense. Gee and Riley made big shot after big shot... Gee penetrated, Hollinger played well at the point, and Davidson converted from the FT line (I thought he was forcing his shots, but at least he got to the line and scored).

The good:
- Held UGA to 1-7 from beyond the arc in the 2nd half and 26 points.
- Hollinger, Gee, and Riley saved the day.
- Steele in the last minute.

The bad:
- The entire 1st half.
- Hendrix got pushed around inside.
- Blocking out... UGA killed us on the offensive glass.
- Steele the first 30 minutes.

A win's a win and I'm ecstatic about it, but we got a long road ahead of us if we continue to have problems guarding the perimeter. Maybe this is the win that sparks us to great things. I hope that's the case.

Edit- here it is. Steele's buzzer beater.


Alias said...

Brandon Hollinger won this game. Without him we lose, no matter how many points Gee scores or buzzer beater shots Steele puts in. Brandon's defense disrupted the entire UGA offensive game. After ten minutes of being harassed by Hollinger, No. 2 was visibly upset and started taking swipes at Brandon and talking to him. If Torrence would play defense like that, he could be All America. Hmm, sounds like quote out of Rudy.

Hville said...

Riley deserves credit also. He was our only source of offense at times when we needed it.

Was going to call you after the game, but I was so excited, I forgot....

Hell of a game to see in person. It took a few years off of my life, but it was something else.

Alias said...

H'ville, great post!

My wife gave me an unexpected task to perform and I pulled my back before I got out of town, all of which led me to forget to take your phone number with me. I was 30 minutes up the road before I remembered. By then it was too late to turn back because my departure had been delayed by the aforementioned "interruptions."

Yes, Riley was huge. I called alcrtide at the half. He is in the DC area and could not get video of the game. I told him it looked like we had four Rod Grizzards and one basketball player going full speed all the time. That one was Riley. Riley's defense is as huge as his offense, but one alone is not enough.

bobbyjack said...

I'm hoping the game next Saturday isn't as memorable... meaning we beat the ever livin' snot out of the Hogs.