Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Throw Down In Tiger Town

In a gutsy performance, Bama came from behind to beat a struggling LSU team on its own court. Last week's dog was this week's hero. Jermario Davidson's defense was suspect at times but his offensive performance was superb, teaching lessons to all of LSU's big men near inside the lane and also near perfect from long range. Every time I screamed "No" at JD tonight, the ball just tickled the tassels on its way through.

Ron Steele probably should not be playing anything more than a support role for Hollinger and Tubbs. He cannot keep up on defense and has only been able to score against API in the SEC.

Gee's defense remains weak, often losing his man for 20 or 25 feet. But his outside threat combined with his slashing ability force teams to defend him. Gee's fundamentals need work, but he is a raw talent.

Riley hit a couple of very important threes tonight. Hollinger added on too.

Bama gets a confidence booster and strong shot in the arm. We also get SC at home Saturday followed by M$U on Wednesday. Maybe Mrs. Alias will let me drive up for at least one of them.

Roll Tide.

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