Monday, January 01, 2007

Tide rolls to easy 70-55 win over the Sooners

This game was never in question as we dominated from start to finish.
Box score

The good:
- Held OU to 37% FG and 24% 3pt FG.
- The lead was always comfortable... can't remember anything less than 7 the 2nd half.
- Shot 46% FG, 36% from beyond the arc, and hit 22-24 FTs

The bad:
- Out rebounded by a smaller team 33-30. Not that much of a big deal since we held them to 37% from the field, but we really should've cleaned the boards.
- Shot selection. That was partially due to OU's D, but still... there were some really head scratching shots taken.
- Minute distribution. I'm going to beat this like a dead horse, but in a game that was never in doubt we need to get the bench more involved. BTW- someone put out an APB on Mikhail Torrance.

Steele is clearly not 100%... I doubt he's better than 75% as he can't drive the lane. We REALLY need him to get healthy. It won't happen against Arkansas, but at least we don't have to worry about them pressuring the ball.

Last thing... not to nitpick at Mark's Madness (the student group that cheers the team on), but the "airball, airball, airball, YOU SUCK!" chant well... sucks. Otherwise, I think they're a great asset to the team and the atmosphere at Coleman Coliseum. It's good to see a section of the student body pumped about Alabama basketball.


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I am in now. Rock on!!!!

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One thing that is misleading about offensive boards: When a team like OU bricks shots like they were, it causes long rebounds, which can work in favor of offensive teams. Now if a team shoots a decent percentage and wins the offensive boards, they most likely will win the game.