Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vanderbilt stats pack

Vandy Stats pack
For those that like mice type... here

The have some pretty bad home losses... vs App. State, Furman, and Georgetown (not the loss itself, just how bad it was). They did beat UT last week, but I suspect that was more of a fluke than what they are. UGA beat them down in their last game and they did lose to Auburn to open up the conference schedule (both on the road).

The hard stats:
- Scoring margin: +9.1
- Rebounding: -.2
- FG: 46%
- 3pt FG: 37%
- FT: 71% (thought that would be higher)

I haven't seen them play this year, but we all know if they sink their 3s we're in big trouble. Cage is their best 3pt shooter although Foster and Byars have no problem chucking them up as well. Heck, looking at the stats the three of them take roughly 50% of their shots from beyond the arc. Wow.

Neltner is their only "big" guy that gets real PT (6'9") so again... we should pound it inside early and often.

Prediction: This is the year to break that jinx in Nashville. Alabama by 12 led by another Hendrix double-double and a gritty effort from Steele.

No TV for this game. Gametime is 8PM EST (7PM CST) 1/17. Audio broadcast on yahoo.com amongst other places.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully this game isn't on TV, thus reducing the chances of me sending a projectile through the big screen when VU starts raining 3's. Instead I'll just send the Sirius receiver out the window and into the 4' snowdrift still in my yard. At least that's the cheaper option. I'll make sure to properly "medicate" myself before the opening tip so I become oblivious if it gets bad.

We always have the one road game clunker a year and hopefully Ark was it. However, given our past history with Memorial Gym and teams that can shoot the 3, I have a hard time seeing us win. In Vegas you always bet with the streak so.... Vandy wins by 3 as Davidson misses a 3 at the buzzer.

Footnote... I think this is one of the worst Vandy teams in more than a decade so I'll be very disappointed with a loss.

bobbyjack said...

I'll be disappointed if we lose as well. Like I said, their win over the Vols was IMO a fluke more than what they are. If I'm CMG I put 3 guys defending the arc and leave Hendrix/Jemison and Davidson/Coleman inside to rebound. They can't score on us inside. Let's hope Gee, Riley, and Steele get hands intheir faces.

I need to get a home dock for my sirius receiver. The internet broadcast is 5 seconds slow (at least).

bobbyjack said...

Disgusting! Vandy sucks yet we make them look all-world!