Friday, February 23, 2007

Auburn stats pack II

War Eagle stats pack

I'll keep this short and sweet... their one road conference win was at South Carolina. I'd be shocked (mortified) if they stay within 10 of us. They are coming off a win over a soon to be NIT bound Razorback team so they should have some confidence. Hopefully that lasts about 5 minutes into the game.

Prediction: Alabama by 15. We need to blow someone out and it might as well be the Barn.

Gametime- 5PM EST (4PM CST) on FSN.

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bobbyjack said...

Halftime notes:

1) We're not defending the 3 well. It seems like we're a step or 2 late defending. Give credit to the Barn for hitting their shots.

2) Auburn just seems to be beating us to the ball. Rebounds, loose balls, etc.

3) Some ill-advised 3s by us. Offense is totally out of sync.

4) Davidson is the reason we're only down by 4.