Monday, February 05, 2007

Looks Like We Might Need Some Folks To Lose

First, take a quick look at Bama's RPI from the website Bobby has linked: Bama's RPI

Given the way we are playing we are almost forced to concede the Florida game on the road. (Go ahead, guys, prove me wrong. I dare you! I double dog dare you!!! Please?) Even if we beat Kentucky at home, that will produce little more than a "wash" in our power rating. None of the other teams on our schedule are rated high enough to improve our position very much.

Who would have thought Iowa and Oklahoma would be rated in the eighties? UGA and Xavier are the only top fifty teams we've beaten. And that humiliating loss at API really hurt.

I don't know much about these power ratings, but it looks to me like we need to win a bunch of games and count on other teams to lose if we don't want to wind up with a really poor seed in the NCAA Tournament.

I doubt Steele will approach full strength this year. Barring a miracle I don't see much hope for approaching the expectations I had for this team at the dawn of the season. Given the fact that the coaches won't play Coleman, I am holding out little hope for next season.

Please excuse my melancholy, but all that leads me to ask why the coach needs to lose three blow out games before he starts trying to make his team play defense? And why, after losing another virtual blowout at home, does he keep playing the team's laziest defender for 30+ minutes a game.

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bobbyjack said...

The UT game might help... providing we win or look good losing.
Our OoC schedule looked nice on paper, but it hasn't worked out the way we hoped. The only team we lost to OoC is the only one that looks like a lock to make the tournament. Strange.