Saturday, February 24, 2007

PATHETIC! Auburn whoops Alabama in T-town

Out-coached, out-played, out-willed... that's the story of this game (and truth be told most of the season).
Here's the box score of that pathetic game if you like pain.

The good:
- The Crimson Cabaret.
- Hendrix... when we got him the ball.

The bad:
- We looked lost on offense.
- Auburn practiced layup drills all game.
- Transition defense.
- Coaching... our kids did not look ready to play.

Get your tickets in advance to the NIT where we'll be matched up with South Alabama in the first round... in Mobile.

Sadly, we're still only a game out of the SEC West lead. Beating Ole Miss and MSU would put us at 8-8 and clinch a tie, but let's be honest... there's a 2% chance of that happenning.

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