Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Bother? Tough Love!

Okay, I'll admit it.

If I were a student or if I lived within an hours drive of Coleman Coliseum, I would be there to support the team and to express my appreciation to Jermario Davidson on Senior Night. I'm not, I don't, and I won't; but probably not for the reasons you might expect.

CMG frequently reminds us fans how important our attendance and support are to the players on the team. I try to support them by showing up every chace I get. Refusing to show up tonight, therefore, seems to be the best way to communicate my dissatisfaction with what CMG has done (or not done?) with and to this team this year.

I don't want to hurt the players. I don't want to hurt the team. I don't want to hurt CMG. What I do want is for CMG to come to his senses, realize just how badly he has mismanaged this team this year (and pretty much for five of the last seven years), call someone who knows more about how to lead a basketball team and program than I do, and get some help. Next year will be too late, in my opinion. It's already too late to really salvage this season. Even if they get invited to the NCAA Tournament and make a run to the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight, this season has been a disaster!

I don't want to harm anyone. But I want CMG to know that I will not accept this sort of performance and I don't think any of our other real fans will either. This is my last chance to express myself to him in any sort of language that he speaks. I will boycott tonight's game which I deem relatively meaningless in the over-all scheme of things.

I have not made up my mind whether I will listen to or watch any tournament games we might play. I tired of that emotional roller coaster.

College basketball is an intensely emotional game for both the players and the fans. CMG has disappointed me too often for me to expose my feelings to the the risks associated with his decisons and performance. It's almost like having a family member who is addicted to drugs. I love CMG, this team and our program, I want them to succeede, but I cannot do anything to help them until CMG decides to help himself.

In parenting classes I think they call that "tough love."


Anonymous said...

I guess since this is your blog you can come on here and say what you want, but i think your comments are pretty geigh.

bobbyjack said...

The comments might be harsh, but consider that Alias drives 7 hours roundtrip to see us play I can understand his frustration.

Alias said...

Golly, those sure were brave remarks from a person who did not identify himself.

As for my remarks, I suggest you go back and read this blog from the beginning. If you do you will see that I have been blatantly honest in my assessment of this team for the entire season.

If you have been aware of my "work" over the past four or five years then you would know that I am among the last supporters to abandon hope for any of our coaches.

I understand CMG has another season left. I hope he turns things around. His conduct up to this point persuades me, both as a consumer and as a fan, that he is unwilling or unable to make the decisions he needs to make in order to fix what is wrong with our program. He can change. But the only way he can change is if he realizes the errors of his ways.

As a fan and supporter of our program, it is incumbent upon me to do what I think is best for it. Withholding my approval of the way CMG has run our program by withholding my presence at the game is the only real action I am able to take at this point. I deem my actions tantamount to refusing to give my friends money to buy their drugs.

Were you at the game last night? If you were, how far did you drive to attend it? What time did you have to show up at work today? How many people actually were in their seats?

Put up or shut up. And if you want to call me names, why don't you use something that actually is demeaning. Although I am not homosexual I neither condemn nor condone any other person for his or her sexuality so your insult did not offend me.

If you want to be a fan and supporter of our program, why don't you grow up and act like one?