Monday, February 05, 2007

You want stats? You can't handle stats!

Team stats that is... from

As many of you have heard, we're #1... in least amount of fouls. This tells me we're not aggressive enough on defense.

Other team rankings that caught my attention (out of 325 teams):
- #269 in steals per game
- #148 in assists
- #16 in blocked shots

Random thoughts:
- Duke lost yesterday. That's 2 losses this week for the Blue Devils... they'll probably move up in the polls. North Carolina comes to town next... when is the last time Duke lost 3 in a row?
- Peyton Manning finally beat a Florida QB. Actually I'm happy for Dungy that the Colts won.
- Indiana followed up a big win over Wisconsin with a loss at Iowa. Huh?
- I think the Gators go undefeated in SEC play. At Vandy is probably their biggest challenge left.
- Texas A&M is for real folks... the win at Kansas legitimatizes them as a Final Four contender.


Hville said...

You are right about TA&M. LSU was lucky to get by them last year in the tourney. They will be hell on a neutral court come tourney time.

With our assist and steal numbers, it seems like we are light years away from where we would be with a healthy Ron Steele.

I guess with Ole Miss' win at API this weekend where they shot lights out at Beard Eaves, we have zero gimmes at home now.....

Alias said...

I agree with all the negative reactions, but . . . I do see some positives.

First, Hollinger and Tubbs are being used to harrass the opponents' point guard and to put pressure on the ball pretty much the length of the court and pretty much the whole game. That is a big change for the better. They both get beat off the dribble and both have troubles holding onto the ball and passing into the paint, but at least someone is playing defense.

I still have not watched my recording, but I think that some of Sheldon's open threes might have come when Gee or Riley was collapsing in to offer help after Hollinger or Tubbs lost the point guard and allowed him to penetrate. Those are errors related to hustle, effort and teamwork. They can be corrected in practice before it is too late.

I don't know what's wrong with Riley. I had hoped his translation into SEC caliber play would have been smoother. At least he is showing signs of life again on both ends of the court.

At this stage of the season, my biggest complaint has to do with Davidson's playing time. I don't think he should be starting or playing nearly as many minutes as he does until he plays defense and hustles every second of the game. I blame the coaches for doing handling him that way.

How many years did Keith Askins play in the NBA? I think he started one game at Alabama. Wimp said if he ever told Askins he was going to start he would get so nervous he would hyperventilate. Coming off the bench did not hurt Askins pro career. At this point I think it could help Davidson's if it could inspire him to play full speed and all out for whatever length of time he is in the game.

Still not sure whether I'm going to the game Wednesday. I hate missing a M$U game.

Hville said...

It seems like every time Riley would screw up twice in a row, he would hit a key 3 against South Carolina. As much as he made mistakes, he was still key in us winning that game. He needs a shrink, badly.

I wished I could go to the game, but am too busy to make the trip right now. Maybe you should go to help make up for me not being there. I will repay the favor when UK comes to town....

bobbyjack said...

Davidson would sulk if he came off the bench... that's a gut feeling. I'd like to see Coleman get a couple of minutes (like 3) when JD takes a breather... just like I'd like to see Jemison more for Riley/Hendrix. I can always dream.

I think Ole Miss played their best game at Auburn... still we'll probably struggle to beat them at home.

Alias said...

If Davidson wants to sulk, then let him. Even if the kid plays in Europe he will be making much more out of college than most people do after 20 years on the job. I know the young man has been through a lot, but he's not the only person who is suffering right now. Sometimes the best thing a coach can do is say, "Get off your ass and act like what happens to your teammates makes a difference to you!" That does not seem to be CMG's style, but it could be very helpful to his players and to his program if he used that sparingly and the bench frequently.