Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bubble watch... the major conferences

So I don't have to repeat myself I will list team followed by RPI (in parenthesis), what they need to do in their conference tourney, and if I think they make it.

Boston College (30)- one win would erase any shakiness. At 10-6 in conference play they're in.
Clemson (36)- at least 2 wins to make it interesting. NIT bound.
Ga Tech (34)- one more win for seeding. They're in.
FSU (47)- elimination game vs Clemson, probably need to make the finals. NIT.

UMass (56)- win the A-10. Despite being 13-3 in conference their only big win was against Louisville. NIT
Xavier (32)- win a game for seeding. They're in... could go as high as a 5.

Big 12
Kansas State (60)- a trip to the semis would be good for them. They're in if they do... probably out if they don't. I say in.
Texas Tech (41)- ditto... a trip to the semis. Despite being a game back of KSU in conference standing they're in before KSU. I say in as is.

Big East
Syracuse (49)- 2 wins gets them in. An early loss might bump them to the NIT. They're in, but they'll sweat it
West Virginia (58)- 1 win solidifies their case. I say in... sweating a bit.
Villanova (19)- resume should have them in already.

Big 10
Illinois (35)- a trip to the semis is needed. I doubt they can do that so NIT.
Michigan State (22)- don't lose to Northwestern. I say they barely sneak in.
Michigan (53)- better win the Big 10 tourney. Make that 9 years without a NCAA bid.
Purdue (46)- see Michigan. I don't think they're ready for prime time.... NIT.

Missouri State (38)- lost to Creighton in the semis... that probably puts them out. I say NIT.

No bubble teams. UNLV (10), BYU (20), and Air Force (25) are in regardless.

Stanford (57)- loss to Zona hurts a lot. They probably need to win the PAC-10 tourney. UCLA and Wazzu are too good to let that happen. NIT.
Washington (75) - 8-10 in conference... also has to win the tourney. Not happenning... NIT.

Alabama (43)- we all know what needs to happen. Anyone can win the SECT IMO (including South Carolina and LSU) so it's not out of the realm of possibility. NIT
Arkansas (48)- the best shot the SEC West has of making the NCAAs. Make it to the finals and they're in. I believe they do and Hog fans are stuck with Heath for another year.
Georgia (63)- better win the SECT. They have to go through the Gators early to get there. NIT.
Mississippi State (64) - win the tourney. NIT bound.
Ole Miss (61)- see Mississippi State. NIT.

I guess I'll see how accurate I am Sunday :)

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