Friday, March 02, 2007

Bulldogs stats pack II


Alright... MSU is 16-12 right now... with virtually no chance of making the NCAA tournament (unless they win the SECT which is not out of the question). Their home losses have come to Winthrop (a damn good 'mid major'), Florida (a close loss), and South Carolina (how did that happen?). The have won 3 straight at home with relative ease. Still, we can win in Starkville.

You should know about Gordon, the Delk twins, Slater, and the younger Hansbrough, but a guy to watch is Charles Rhodes. He's been playing better in the middle as the season's gone on. He might give Davidson fits.

It's the same old same old... guard the perimeter and don't let Gordon, Reginald Delk, or Stewart get open looks from beyond the arc. Pound it inside to Hendrix... and maybe Davidson and hope they can find the open man off the double team (and MSU will double team our post players). We need Riley and Gee to go off tomorrow... that would really help our inside game.

The stats:
- 75.5 PPG, 65% FT, 37% 3Pt FG, 46% FG
- Rebound margin is even in conference play (-.1)
- 14 turnovers a game (12 in conference)

Prediction: Why do I do this to myself... Alabama somehow wins in Starkville and makes Selection Sunday (assuming we win one game) must see TV for all Alabama hoops fans.

Oh yeah... I'm still trying to figure out how a kid from Brooklyn (Goodridge) ends up in Starkville.

Yes this stats pack is early... 2 days early. It just gives you more time to rack your brain with MSU stats. Gametime is 2PM EST (1PM CST) Sunday March 4th. If you can't find a TV, but are in front of a PC the yahoo video link is here.

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