Thursday, March 15, 2007

First round NCAA Tournament thoughts...

1) I believe there's 20 teams in the field that can legitimately win this tournament. Reason #1 why the NCAA tournament is far superior to the B(C)S.

2) UNLV will either get ousted by GA Tech in the 1st round... or advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

3) Florida has the easiest road to the Final Four of the top seeds... UNC has the most difficult. FWIW I don't think Ohio State makes it past the Sweet Sixteen.

4) My 1st round winners: Florida, Arizona, Old Dominion, Maryland, Winthrop, Oregon, UNLV, and Wisconsin in the Midwest. Kansas, Nova, Illinois, So Illinois, VCU, Pitt, Indiana, and UCLA in the West. UNC, Marquette, USC, Texas, Vandy, Oral Roberts, Texas Tech, and G'town in the East. Ohio St, BYU, Tennessee, UVa, Louisville, A&M, Nevada, and Memphis in the South (no upsets picked in that region). I am on FIRE (g).

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