Saturday, March 31, 2007

Florida-Ohio State in the title game

YUCK! How in the heck did we end up with this one? Actually I know why, but what did we do to deserve this? Gators will probably win by 15. I probably won't watch as I have no rooting interest in the game (I dislike OSU and Florida equally). When's football season start or more importantly... I can't wait for the Alabama-FSU game in Jacksonville!

Coaching searches:
- Arkansas is now looking to John Calapari. I don't think he leaves Memphis, but stranger things have happenned. Next up after JC declines... Thad Motta. He'd bolt OSU for Fayetteville as basketball is a little bit more important at Arkansas. The question is will OSU match what Arkansas might offer? Also, John Thompson III is possible as Broyles was in Atlanta for the Final Four (but made his way back before tipoff according to some Arkansas media reports). I want to make clear that nowhere did Broyles or anyone at Arkansas say they went to meet JTIII... probably met up with a bunch of other name coaches as well since they gather atthe Final Four. My guess is they probably marked JTIII as #1 on their list in Atlanta.

- Kentucky is also in the Calapari sweepstakes, but like with Arkansas I think Calapari stays put. Next up is Donovan Tuesday at about.... 9AM. If BD wins Monday I think he bolts for Lexington. He'll still be the other game in town and there's nowhere for him to go but down. The flip side is if he stays he'll be the first coach identified years down the road when people think about Gator basketball.

- Iowa is probably looking at Dana Altman, Kevin Stallings, and JTIII. I'm guessing Altman is their guy, but I admit I'm no more in the know that anyone else that can do some web searches.

Last thing... I want to thank the good folks at Harrah's entertainment for another good weekend in Tunica. Who needs Vegas when I got the Grand and the Horseshoe! Oh yeah... someone officially open I-22 already!


Hville said...

You have to hand it to Florida. If there was any team that could give a very well-coached UCLA team problems, it was them. And they did it. As soon as they got up, they never really looked to be in trouble.

bobbyjack said...

UCLA had chances early in the 1st half, but failed to score. Actually they failed to score almost the entire game.

I never thought I'd say a 6 point halftime lead was insurmontable (sp?). I did last night.

Florida owns Afflato.