Saturday, March 24, 2007

Quick Elite 8 factoid

All of the teams remaining either:
1) Won their conference regular season title (all except Oregon).
2) Won their conference tournament (all except UCLA).
3) Won the regular season and conference title (all except UCLA and Oregon).

Anyone that says conference tournaments aren't important should be beaten with a stick repeately (g). Seriously, I think the conference tournaments gets a team ready for the NCAA tournament. Last year UCLA and Florida won their conference tourneys and ended up in the finals.

I can't remember a year where all the 1s, three 2s, and a 3 are in the elite 8. It's been a highly competitive tournament with most the games undecided until the end.


Hville said...

Excellent point. Yet again, another deficiency of CMG. I think that is a good indicator of teams that peak at the right time. As for Florida, they got a little lazy at the end of the regular season, long after they clinched it. But then they righted the ship and cruised through the SEC Tourney, and now they are turning in strong performances. Credit Donovan for getting his team re-motivated....

bobbyjack said...

I figure you should first concentrate on winning your league, then winning your conference tourney, and then winning the NCAA tournament. The 3rd one hasn't been done before at Alabama so at this time CMG should concentrate on the first 2.

Side note- I didn't realize Donovan was that short.

Hville said...

I bet Donovan can still ball, though...

Alias said...

These tournament games have been excellent. I remain unable to explain why even the best teams in this tournament tend to fall behind by double digits. I also am unable to explain why teams like Vandy cannot protect twenty point leads.

Ideas that pop into my head include:

(1) A coach of a talented team still needs to know his strategy so he can preserve his team's chances to win even when things are going badly.

(2) Even the best teams suffer scoring droughts. (Duh!) That means defense and effort level continue to be of primary importance at the championship level.

(3) Sometimes your best players have bad nights or bad halves. That means you need to develop a bench to help when help is needed.

(4) Sometimes even the best coaches of the best teams have a hard time motivating their players and keeping them focused. I have no quick comeback for this one except to point out that our team's coach could not get his kids motivated or focused to play against their biggest rivals - even at home.

Darn, I'm starting to get depressed again. I guess I need to refill my meds. :-)

Hville said...

Just be glad you're not a Tarheel fan. That late collapse they had yesterday against Georgetown was a true punch-in-the-gut games. I'm kinda glad G-town won because I like Jonathan Wallace.