Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick non-Alabama basketball thoughts

1) The play in game- it should be a matchup of the last 2 at large bids. I think it's wrong for 2 teams that WON their conference tournaments to have to matchup on Tuesday. Besides, more people would watch the last 2 at large bids play (in this case Illinois and Arkansas I believe) instead of Niagra and FAMU.

2) This year's NIT bracket is pretty tough... a lot of very solid teams playing in the Not Invited Tournament. For giggles I'm picking WVU, Kansas St, SDSU, and Providence to make it to NYC.

3) I'm still miffed how the Big 10 got 6 teams in the NCAA tournament. How did Purdue get a 9 seed?

Sometime next week I'll throw together a composite view of the season with a little bit of history to go with it.

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