Sunday, March 04, 2007

To add to Alias' post below... I'm effin' horrified

This was a huge game for us and we played for the most part like hot effin' garbage. We just got our asses handed to us by a mediocre MSU squad by effin' 30+ points. I'm not linking the box score as I don't want to see it, but if you're into pain go to yahoo or

There's got to be a serious conversation between Mal Moore and Mark Gottfried when this nightmare of a season is done. There better be a conversation.

Preseason #11, preseason #1 in the SEC West... now not even a top 50 ranked team and 5th in the friggin' SEC West. Any apologist that says this is mostly due to Steele not being healthy truly hasn't watched much college basketball.

I'll divulge (sp?) deeper into our season long woes after Selection Sunday.


WL said...

Any conversation between Mal and "C"MG will be laughable.

WL said...

The conversation with Mal and "C"MG would be about like a conversation between "C"MG and Rod Grizzard about defense.

bobbyjack said...

True dat... but who else is going to talk it out with CMG.

This has truly been a supremely suck ass year for Alabama sports.

Gatorpilot said...

Who would they replace Gottfried with? He's kind of like the Ron Zook of college b-ball... great, great recruiter, terrible developer of talent, and a mediocre game-day coach.

Alias said...

wl & ryan, thank you both for reading and contributing. Please invite your friends.

Anonymous said...

Mediocrecy was born at the University of Alabama in the twenty-first Century. The few that attended your University have some class abut themselves...but you, as with UT, have all of those thousands of pure-bred rednecks claiming "Bama Fama." I'd rather have fewer fans than have a stadium full of nose-pickers.